Eric Hanan | Founder & CEO of Eric Hanan Jewelry 

Edward Varias is a very talented professional Interior Designer. I hired him to design 2 high end jewelry boutique and the results were superb. I recommend him as a very talented and professional person.


Brian Cruz | Client

Edward has amazing talent and a good eye. It clearly shows in the work that he does. I had him design my entire living room and dining room in my apartment 2 years ago, needless to say, I haven't changed a thing with it since. I am so happy with it!!! Edward is very personable to work with. He is really great at listening to what his client desires and implementing his ideas to fulfill exactly what the client wants. Edward is a strong professional in his craft and very easy to work with. His energetic vibe and friendly demeanor will leave you at ease. He is truly passionate about interior design, and I highly recommend his services!


Charles Marr | Architect, AIA

Edward is a proven and accomplished professional of interior design. I have had the pleasure of collaborating and working with Edward on several projects including Madison-Bleu in Tustin, California. Edward brings big ideas and articulates design concepts of a high order to every project. He is adept at making projects with tight budgets shine brilliantly like they came from deep pockets. He also makes every moment fun and brings a level of professionalism with him that elevates the level of everyone around him. 


Mr. & Mrs. Bascao | Client

I'm very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Edward Varias.  We have been Edward's clients for a while now.  He is an excellent interior designer/decorator and Feng Shui consultant.  From the moment we met him, Edward had demonstrated professionalism, courtesy, diligence and creativeness.  In addition, he truly cares for his customer's well-being.  We had requested his advice extensively in the area of health.  This is when my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  By following his advice, he helped us improve not only my husband's health, but the whole family as well.  My husband has been cancer free for five years now.  His expertise in Feng Shui also helped bring peace and harmony in our lives.  He is also a great educator, eager and willing to share his knowledge.   He displays a comprehensive talent in both his innovative designs and Feng Shui ability.  Anyone who employs Edward's service will not regret it.


Mr. & Mrs. Galeano | Client

My husband and I hired Edward Varias, EV Design, as our project manager and interior designer for the complete renovation of our kitchen and family room.  From the initial sketch to the finishing touches, we were nothing but pleased by his work.  He seamlessly collaborated with us and the contractors.  If any issue arouse, he would work with both sides to find a resolution we could all be happy with.  Edward was always ready to be of service, promptly returning phone calls, and coming by the site.  I cannot imagine having taken on the renovation without his assistance.  Edward came up with design ideas my husband and I would never thought of and pulled the changes in the kitchen and family room together beautifully.  Our family and friends couldn't believe the final result.  Many people asked us if we had copied our kitchen from a design magazine.  Everyone that came to our home couldn't help but comment on what a beautiful kitchen we had and requested Edward's contact information.  The results of the project creates a fabulous impression and make the rest of the house beautiful too!  It is hard to choose my favorite aspect of the design.  Not only it is beautiful to look at, but I love how practical and functional it is on a daily basis.  We have been enjoying our kitchen for several years now and there is not one thing I would change about it.  We will definitely be hiring Edward for our next design project. 


Eric Robi | Client

I employed Edward Varias, EV Design to redesign my house prior to move in.  Edward took the time to show me colors, patterns, ideas and themes over a course of several meetings before we started.  I had a rough idea of what I wanted, but Edward really has a knack for listening and more importantly hearing what I liked and didn't liked.  He then put together a series of themes based on an Asian Modern for each of the rooms.  The end results was spectacular!  Everyone complements me on the warmth yet cool elegance of the living space.  I give my highest recommendation to Edward because he has the rare ability to implement my personal vision of a space by providing just the right concepts and direction without feeling imposing.  In short, I trust Edward implicitly with my design projects. 


Laura and John Klein | Client 

We are so grateful for the amazing job that Edward did to our house.  Every morning is like waking up on a vacation; our master bedroom is a little slice of paradise.  The design work that Edward did to our master bath literally causes people's mouths to drop when they see it. Edward made this remodel so easy and saved us a ton of money with his amazing design skills and wizardry.  Our kitchen is now a showpiece, and a beautiful space to be in.  Thank you Edward for turning our house into our home. 


Chrep Phy | Founder of Cut N' Style

My name is Chrep Phy and I am a professional hair stylist and salon owner.   I had acquired the services of EV Design one year ago to design my salon, Cut N' Style.  Edward's concepts and attention to detail were exactly what I was looking for.  His dedication was more than I expect.  Every phase of our project was completed in a timely manner.  I am confident that Edward will be sure to make a very positive contribution to anyone who is smart enough to acquire his services.  


Chris Nakamura | Client

To Whom it may concern:


When it became necessary to renovate my son's bedroom and bath so that he would have a sterile environment for home dialysis, Edward Varias came to our rescue. After a Feng Shui analysis of the whole house, which influenced colors, materials and furniture placement, Edward created an incredibly beautiful and elegant healing space and restored harmony and wellness to the whole house. Edwards creativity, attention to detail and function, and enthusiasm made it a pleasure to work with him. 


Now 3 years later, the miracle the doctors said would not happen, did happen. Thanks to our loving and merciful God, my son's kidneys are thriving without dialysis. He got his life back and he is now able to travel with the family, a dream come true!


Thank you Edward for creating an environment where healing miracles can and do happen. 



Christine Nakamura