Interior Color Therapy

Color can be described as the most emotional element in interior design and has the power to make people feel a certain way.  It is inherent in our psyche that a color can certainly be of a specific smell, touch, taste or feel.  Interior Designers often use colors as a tool to create an experience.  Either to make people feel lustful in a candle lit space or feel calm in a tranquil blue interior of a spa, color can invigorate a person’s feeling. Interior Designers can achieve a certain feel for a space by applying different materials using colors on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, art, and decor.  

Color has been widely researched and every hue has its common associations. Red can be used to stimulate love, and provide passion and excitement for relationships. Blue can be used to calm the senses, expand space and provides the sense of safeness and cleanliness. Yellow can be used to reveal high esteem, compassion, cheerfulness, goodness, wealth and even affluence.  Green can be used to anchor tenacity, provide freshness, happiness and nostalgia to an environment.  Purple is often used to show drama, imagination, and provides depth, richness and poise. Orange can be use to stimulate the appetite and relax In Vastu, exposing the body to colored light can act as support in healing and can heal certain body ailments. According to Niranjan Babu Bangalore, “Color therapy texts tell us that green light can alleviate heart problems and cancer, blue can treat painful ulcers, inflammatory disorders and back problems.  Red is good for skin problems, bladder infections and anemia while orange works on allergies and constipation.  Yellow light alleviates muscle cramps and gallstones. Orange is said to stimulate the nervous system and increase your appetite.”  In Feng Shui the elemental color, based on individual birth date, is used to enhance someone’s health, wealth and prosperity.  

An in depth understanding and application of theories of yin/yang, and balancing the five elements (water, earth, fire, metal, and wood) according to the physical relationship between the environment, can bring positive effects and luck for its occupants.  Knowing that colors can play an important role in improving one’s health and heal human suffering, one might wonder what color would suit them best in their surroundings. Selecting what color makes you feel best, can certainly be one option, or simply asking a professional practitioner would improve yours and your family’s well-being.