2012 Vastu and Feng Shui Prediction

Incorporating the directional laws in Vastu and Feng Shui can produce a balanced environment and provide good energy for your home and business. The science of Vastu Shashtra or “science of construction “provide dates that can have varied results for good and auspicious work. It also combines all the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and sky) and balances man and materials to maintain happiness and peace. Feng Shui, on the other hand, the ancient art and science developed 3000 years ago in China; situate the human built environment on areas for good “qi” or energy according to location and axis in time. January 23, according to Chinese calendar is the start of Lunar New Year this year. The annual Feng Shui remedies on Chinese New Year will start on the 4th of February and marks the year of the Water Dragon. Here are some tips to incorporate the laws of Vastu and remedies of Feng Shui for the year 2012.



By Edward Varias, M.A.-Ed


Air is the element of the West according to Vastu, and Saturn is the ruling planet. This area is good for study and meeting rooms because it stands for fame and fate. The west sector of your home according to Feng Shui will bring abundance of fortune and wealth of good luck. It can be activated even more by placing crystals to this area. Try to open the front door opened as much as possible to bring the good qi to enhance this sector.



Air is the element for North-west and Ketu is the ruling planet. In Vastu, this area stands for social life or communication. It is sought that no tall buildings or structures should be built in this sector, but it is ideal for office and conducting business. This sector for this year, however, brings unfavorable tidings and bad luck in Feng Shui and brings financial loss, violence and injuries. Decorate this area with shades of blue and white and strong figurines of Elephants and Rhino that is blue in colour to protect you from robberies.


Earth is the element of South according to Vastu, and Mars is the ruling planet. South signifies life, death, and legal affairs. This is a lucky area this year in achieving life’s aspiration in Feng shui and overcoming obstacles in the work place. Energize this sector by yang energy with brass horse figurine or dragon tortoise for career luck


Light is the element of the East according to Vastu and Venus is the ruling planet. It is also a place for worship and all the water object can be placed here. The east sector of your home according to Feng Shui is the romance and literary star #4 area. It is said that this start will bring good luck in academia for students residing in this sector as well as the romance. It is a good idea to enhance the qi in this sector as this sector has a reducing energy. Magnify the area with water fountain that is not too big or display love symbols such as mandarin ducks or dragon & phoenix.


Fire is the element for South-east and the Moon is the ruling planet. In Vastu, the kitchen should be in this area.  Warm shades of orange and bright yellow are its colour. This year the South-east is plague with malice and bad luck of all kinds, bringing financial loss, obstacles and negativity in 2012. Avoid any loud sounds such as radios, TVs. and even construction in this sector this year (so no partying in this area, unfortunately). Remedy this area by wind chimes, moving metal fans and wearing pagoda feng shui pendants or amulet.


Earth is the element for South-west and this sector signifies longevity, and fame in Vastu. There should be no washrooms or bathrooms built here. In Feng Shui, this sector brings quarrels and accusations between family members, friends and colleagues.  Those sleeping in this area will be affected in the argument energies. Keep this sector quiet this year and watch out for troubles with authority figures. Use earth tones and bright red decor as remedy and protection for those who resides in this area.


Water is the element of the North according to Vastu, and Jupiter is the ruling planet. North signifies wealth and career in Vastu and should be kept open; however, this year this sector brings sickness and health problems to whoever resides in this southernmost sector. Move to another bedroom if possible and repress the energy on this sector with wind chimes or a metal Wu Lou as protection.


Unlike Vastu, Feng Shui system calculates the center of the home. The number six is associated with heavens this year and is a favorable star of good luck.  Spend lots of time in the center as it brings cosmic qi and manifest good fortune and luck this year so attract it with moving metal and display your crystals this year in this area. Spend a lot of time in this area and try your luck by playing the lottery. You would never know if the good heaven’s celestial blessings will grant you favorably!


Water is also the element for North-east area and Mercury is the ruling planet. This is a good place for worship in Vastu so place bright yellow and dazzling white work well in this sector. This area brings fame and attracts wealth luck in Feng Shui. Enhance it by using lots of red decor in this area to magnify and reap its reward.